Chasselas is a typical regional wine, with a discreet bouquet but very fine and powerful on the palate. Contrary to varieties that have a very particular flavour, Chasselas is neutral by nature, with fewer specific qualities. This characteristic allows it to develop according to the soil in which it is grown, so that once bottled it expresses regional subtleties, which is what gives these wines their special charm.


Derived from a blend of Chasselas and Chardonnay, Doral is an early ripening grape that produces fine, full-bodied and well-balanced wines. Reserved initially for the production of white wines, it can also be used for sweet or sparkling wines. Enhanced by good acidity, it acquires a full-bodied quality when the grapes are well ripened.


Chardonnay produces a full wine that is slightly sweet on the palate. Originally from Burgundy, it is used for white wines and sparkling wines. Its notes of white fruit and flowers make for a fresh tasting wine, while its many qualities quickly won the hearts and minds of Swiss wine producers.

Pinot Blanc

As its name implies, Pinot Blanc is the white variety of Pinot Noir and should not be confused with Chardonnay, in whose shadow it has always remained. It produces wines which at times seem slightly neutral, but which can also prove very fine, full of character and richly structured. Its bouquet of white flowers is a sheer delight.

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris is closely related to Pinot Noir. It is a generous variety with a beautiful golden-yellow colour. Well-structured and lasting on the palate, it offers great aromatic complexity, developing smoky notes of woodland brush, burnt vine stalks and mushrooms. A wine of noble character, its admirable roundness is supported by a delightful freshness. It is also well suited for making sweet dessert wines.


Gewürztraminer is an old grape variety familiar in Alsace, also known by the name Traminer Rose. Its aromatic qualities develop during fermentation, giving the wine flavours of exotic fruit and roses. It is a well-structured, full-bodied wine with a powerful bouquet.

Riesling x Sylvaner

Riesling x Sylvaner is known worldwide by the name of its creator, Professor Müller-Thurgau. The name Riesling x Sylvaner is only used in Switzerland. To develop its aromas it needs a temperate, relatively cool climate and adapts poorly to regions that are too warm. When conditions are right, this variety produces elegant wines that are fresh and extremely aromatic.


The Viognier grape variety produces fine white wines that are both rich and silky-smooth on the palate. When the harvest is ripe, it stands out by its aromas of orange blossom and citrus, reinforced by notes of apricot and peach. Sensitive to oxidation, this wine should be enjoyed when young.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc has an unmistakable bouquet containing notes of citrus fruit (grapefruit and lemon), blackcurrant and elderberry blossom, but sometimes also hints of flora. On the palate it is not only fresh, crisp and sharp, but also elegant and refined.