Cultivated grapes

Typifying the distinctive character of La Côte, these varieties are well suited to the climate and grow wonderfully well under the excellent conditions afforded by the region’s hillsides, both in terms of topography (south or south-east facing and very steep) and meteorology.


Well represented in Switzerland, Garanoir was created in the region around Pully (near Lausanne) in the 1970s. A blend of …
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Used traditionally in the Bordeaux region, Merlot is cultivated today in all major wine-growing countries. Derived from the Cabernet family, …
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Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a variety with great aromatic finesse, characterised by its rich and spicy bouquet. Depending on the soil …
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Servagnin was introduced to the Morges region over 600 years ago and was the first Pinot Noir grown in Switzerland. …
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Developed by the Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil (ACW) research unit, Mara, like Gamaret and Garanoir, derives from a blend of Gamay and …
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Galotta produces powerful, colourful, full-bodied wines with a fine bouquet and rich in good quality tannins, which makes them highly …
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